Marine Gas Cookers FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about our GN Espace range of marine cookers. We hope that you find the information useful.

Gas consumption - How much Gas do they use?

Our customers confirm that GN Espace marine cookers use very little gas.  It is not unusual for us to hear that a gas bottle last 3 times longer than with their old cooker.  This is especially good news if you are planning extended cruising or living on your yacht.

We are not surprised. After all we have designed them to be more efficient. Here are the reasons why GN Espace cookers use less gas:

Hob burners – we use the very latest new generation burners on our cookers.  Their high efficiency design lets them use 33% less gas than the design of burners they replaced.  The result is that you can get the same amount of heat into the pan using a smaller burner.  As far as cooking is concerned, another innovation is that they are more responsive and can be turned down to a much smaller flame for low simmering without it extinguishing.  The hob is a real favourite with the cook.

Thermostatic Oven – GN Espace cookers all use a highly effective ‘open burner’ which you can see at the back of the oven.  Most other marine cookers use a ‘base burner’ hidden under a base plate of the oven.  Not only does this design reduce oven space it also wastes energy as the burner first needs to heat the base plate before it can even start to heat the oven for cooking. In contrast our ‘open burner system’ has the advantage of allowing the heat to enter directly into the cavity and circulate throughout the oven rather than waste energy by first having to heat the base plate.  As the top portion of our oven is hotter than the base it also assists the cooking and browning of food.

Large grill – The GN Espace cookers us a large ‘surface grill’ which reduces the amount of time you need to use the grill.  Our ‘surface grill’ creates a soft carpet of flames which allows you to achieve very even grilling results without needing to constantly move the food.  Most other marine cookers use a small ‘poker-type’ grill which only effectively grills food placed directly below it and requires frequent repositioning and turning of the food.  As a practical example the GN Espace grill could toast 6 slices of toast 6 times faster than another cooker using the traditional ‘poker-type’ grill.

Effective insulation – all GN Espace cookers use highly effective insulation material designed to minimise heat loss once the oven reaches the thermostatically set cooking temperature.

Construction – What are they made of?

We use the best possible materials for manufacturing our cookers so that they maintain their performance and keep their looks for longer despite the harsh marine environment.

The exterior and oven interior for example is made of brushed 304 grade (DIN1.4301) chrome nickel steel renowned for its outstanding non-corrosive properties which stops any corrosive spotting and reduces scratches and fingerprints.

Gas types - What Gas types do they use?

GN Espace cookers are suitable for use with a wide range of available bottled gas such as Propane, Butane, LPG, Calor or Camping Gaz without the need to change the injectors.

When cruising to new areas you need to consider gas availability and suitability of the gas that you are using. If sailing in colder climates Propane is the better solution as you will find that Butane and Camping Gaz do not gasify so well in the bottle when the temperature drops.  The result is reduced gas pressure and a drop in the performance of the cooker.

For best performance we ideally recommend that your gas system uses the largest practical diameter pipe work as this reduces the pressure drop.  Also we recommend using a dedicated marine gas regulator which is regularly replaced.  Your marine gas specialist will be able to advise you on all of these matters.

Safety – What safety features do the cookers have?

As well as having gas safety features on all the hob, grill and oven burners the GN Espace marine cookers have many other features to make them safer to use.

The well balanced cooker remains surprisingly level when the door is opened whilst the positive action door hinges and an easy to use and sturdy door lock keeps the door safely open or closed.

The oven shelves have an anti-tip design with a safety stop.  They also have a built in fiddle designed to safely hold our wide range ovenware.

The hob has a sturdy sea-rail and the cookers are supplied with adjustable pan clamps.

Custom built cookers – Can you customise a cooker for me?

If you are looking for a unique solution for your galley then we can customise a cooker for you.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Here is an example of our custom built marine cookers.

Classic Yacht cooker

Our customer asked us for a heritage look 4 burner compact marine cooker with classic brass handle and cast iron pan support.

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