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Complete Galley Solutions from GN Espace

Preparing a meal and cooking on-board your yacht takes organisation and planning. Crockery and pans can slide around on sloping worktops making food preparation and cooking a chore rather than a pleasure.

The superior build quality and high performance of the GN Espace marine cookers are at the core of these galleys. Our cookers, multifunctional sinks and other innovative galley storage equipment all come with built-in fiddles, ensuring that everything stays exactly where you need it. These systems have been designed around the Gastronorm professional catering containers, which form the building block of our integrated systems.

Reliable, high-performance galley cooking equipment is a must for all cooks. So whether you’re looking for a new galley or simply replacing an existing cooker, GN Espace has the answer.

Cooking performance

The cooker is at the heart of any galley, and its performance is key to the quality of meals on board. All GN Espace marine gas cookers are designed for those who want to enjoy home-cooking whilst on-board. Featuring an LPG hob, oven and grill, our exclusive gas cookers open up new possibilities for catering whilst afloat.

Using the best and latest generation of components from domestic and commercial cookers, the GN Espace marine cooker truly sets new standards in the galley. Quick to heat, economical with gas and superior in cooking performance, you can now confidently prepare a wide range of meals with the minimum of fuss. Despite their compact appearance, clever design allows the GN Espace marine cooker to cope with the largest of meals for your hungry crew.

Depending on the model, you can choose to have a 2, 3 ,4 or even 5 burner hob. All have sturdy detachable sea rails that allow plenty of room for larger pans. The large capacity ovens, designed to fit a wide range of Gastronorm and standard oven containers, are thermostatically controlled, so you can cook anything from roast beef to meringues, or bake fresh bread with confidence. A full width flush mounted grill gives outstandingly even grilling results and is perfect for steak, fish or toast.

Bringing Good Food and Yachting together

Freshly baked bread and cakes, soufflés, succulent roasts, celebration meals, even wedding cakes. There seems to be no limit to the culinary delights our customers create with their GN Espace cookers.
Here are a few pictures sent to us by proud galley chefs and it is smiles all around.


Multi-level cooking

DSC04340DSC04289-1The flush fitting grill gives you extra height in the oven and allows you to cook on more than one level at once. The cookware is held safely in place by the oven frame which also has a safety stop to avoid hot food accidentally sliding out of the oven when the door is opened.





 Safety on board

DSC04233Your safety has been a key consideration in designing our marine cookers. In many cases the features and performance of the GN Espace marine cookers surpass the already stringent CE approvals requirements for both User and Gas Safety.

Sturdy sea rails and pan clamps stop pans from sliding on the hob. The pan support and all hob burner caps are securely held in place. A single handed operation door lock keeps the oven door securely closed. To avoid the danger of hot food sliding out of the oven when you open the door, our oven shelves have safety stops. The runners have a positive pull-out end stop, as well as having integrated fiddles, irrespective of whether you use the wire shelf or Gastronorm containers. In addition, the cooker is secured by means of a solid harbour lock and inversion proof gimbal mounts.


Efficiency and economy

GN Espace cookers combine a host of features that make our cookers the most gas efficient on the market. They use the latest new generation hob burners that require 30% less gas than traditional designs. The hobs also have fast heat-up performance and an increased turn-down rate for simmering on a low flame.

The large surface combustion grill allows you to grill large amounts quickly and evenly, whilst the fully insulated thermostatic oven keeps the heat in the oven, where it belongs. Every feature contributes to saving you precious gas, which is especially important for a long ocean passage or extended cruising in remote waters.

Easy to clean

All hob parts are made of stainless steel for easy cleaning and are removable to reveal an easy to clean hob tray. The easy to wipe oven cavity has been designed to avoid dirt traps whilst the grill is self cleaning. All the oven accessories are made from marine grade stainless steel to ensure easy cleaning and a long life.

Multi-direction gimbal system

DSC04305-cropped for GimbalThe option to upgrade to our unique MDG (multi-direction gimbal) system ensures that the cooker keeps level in a wide range of sea conditions, and the innovative width-adjustable installation feature makes these GN Espace cookers perfect for retrofitting into a wide range of galleys.

Our marine cookers with the integrated MDG system are designed for the most common fore-and-aft installation. However, we also have a custom solution for a full athwartship installation which opens up a wealth of new galley layouts.



Installation options

Whether you are looking for a marine cooker for a 30ft family cruiser or a 120ft superyacht, you have a wide range of options. With a choice of a standard gimballing, multi-directional gimballing (MDG), fixed cooker or built-in installation, GN Espace has the right installation for you.

MDG Multi-direction Gimballing   -   Standard Gimballing   -   Fixed Installation   -   Built-in Oven and separate hob

Galley Cooking Equipment



The GN Espace marine cooker range

OC4_Glass w OCXL5_Glass w
Compact cookers  Levante

For yachts up to 45ft

Standard cookers  OceanChef

For larger yachts between 45ft and 70ft

Extra Large cookers  OceanChef XL

For superyachts and sail-training ships over 70ft