Vacuum Storage Systems

Vacuum Storage Systems

Under Floor Vac StorageOur wide range of vacuum storage equipment is ideal for significantly extending the life of fresh and cooked foods during extended passages at sea.

Because vacuum sealed food is not in contact with oxygen, these foods maintain their freshness and flavour 3-5 times longer than with conventional storage methods. In addition food maintains it's appearance and texture and because it does not become dehydrated from potential contact with cold dry air, in a freezer compartment, freezer burn is eliminated.

Vacuum storage also helps with the cooking.  Meat and fish will marinade in seconds when vacuum packaged in our gastronorm sized containers, because the vacuum immediately draws the marinade into the food.

Non-food items such as important papers, tools or camera equipment can also be protected from corrosion and moisture-damage by sealing them in a vacuum bag for safe-keeping.

Whether you want to store in food-safe bags or our practical and completely re-usable Gastronorm sized  vacuum containers, we have a wide range of vacuum pumps that will meet your exact needs.

GreenVac System 

The GreenVac vacuum storage containers are intended for extra heavy-duty applications where large amounts of food regularily need to be vacuum stored.  Available in GN1/1 , GN1/2  and GN1/3 sizes , both the containers and clear lids are extra re-inforced, and  replaceable seals ensures a long service life.  The GreenVac containers are best suited for use with the V300 vacuum pumps.

Vaculid System

The Vaculid system is a multi-purpose push-in lid that can be used on all the Rieber stainless steel gastronorm containers to instantly create a vacuum storage container.  The robust silicon seal and universal vacuum valve, which fits any suitable pump, ensures that the food can be quickly preserved in a vacuum with the minimum of fuss.  Simply pull the valve to break the vacuum and the lid is ready to remove.  As an added bonus, with the universal valve removed, the Vaculid can be used for steaming or low temperature cooking in the oven up to 180ÌŠC.

These practical multi-purpose lids are available in GN1/2, GN1/3 and GN1/6 sizes.  The Vaculid is designed for use with the Vaculid vacuum pump or else with the larger V300 or V100 vacuum packers.


Vaculid Hand Vacuum Pump

This compact hand held vacuum pump perfectly compliments the Vaculid system.  The rechargeable cordless hand held vacuum pump is supplied with a practical stand/battery charging unit.

  • Max vacuum pressure : -0.5 bar
  • Voltage:  230v 50hz



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