Wonderbag Eco Cookers

Wonderbag - the ‘must have’ cruising accessory

Latest design of Wonderbag - now with a completely new range of 21 colours, improved high performance insulation and more durable material

GN Espace is proud to be the first leisure industry partner for Wonderbag, the eco-cooker that is changing lives.  It is truly perfect for cooking away from home.

Wonderbag Eco Cooker

Wonderbag benefits

  • 30% gas saving versus using the oven—lower cost, less gas to carry
  • Cooks on its own—leaving you to do other things with complete peace of mind.  No burnt or overcooked food and less washing up
  • Cooler galley with less humidity—because you use the cooker less and need only 1/2 the amount of liquid
  • Excellent cooking results—slow cooking keeps all the foods taste and    nutrition
  • Optional Gimbal kit available—ideal for cooking underway


How does a Wonderbag work?

It really is very simple. The Wonderbag uses the tried and trusted 'Hay Box' cooking method. You use your hob to start the cooking process and heat up your pot of food in a metal casserole pot with short handles. Bring the food to the boil and simmer it for a short time. Then place the pot with lid inside your Wonderbag. The Wonderbag's clever heat retention properties allow food that has been brought to the boil to finish cooking while in the bag without the use of additional energy. 

Good things come to those who wait

While your Wonderbag cooks nutritious, hearty, meals, you can be out doing other things with peace of mind knowing that the food is slowly cooking in complete safety, without you needing to stir or watch out over the cooker.  As well as using 30% less gas it also keeps the galley much cooler and reduces humidity.

This heat-retention cooking bag allows you to cook amazing one-pot meals with minimum fuss and maximum flavour. Even cheaper cuts of meat tenderize and absorb flavours, giving you fantastic quality meals while saving money and energy.

Cook on the move — anywhere from the Tropics to the Arctic

The Wonderbag was used by the Arctic Jubilee Expedition 2012.  Using only the expeditions ultra- lightweight camping stove and even when cooking in temperatures of minus 6°C , the food was still hot and  cooking after 4 hours!



Complete with Cookbook

To get you started, the Wonderbag comes with a recipe book.  There are also many other recipes for casseroles, soups, meat roasts and deserts available on-line at:


Here is one just one recipe—Creamy Chicken,  Bacon & Leek Braise.

-  Preparation : 5 minutes

-  Hob : 5-10 minutes

-  Bag : 4 hours


Store frozen food with confidence


As well as slow cooking, the high insulation properties of the Wonderbag also keeps frozen food safe for up to 12 hours.


Buy one. Give one.

Every time a Wonderbag is sold by us, one is given by Wonderbag to a South African family to help lessen their poverty. The Wonderbag is already in over 150,000 African homes, cutting the average family’s fuel usage by around 30% and helping to save them money, ease their poverty and reduce harmful global carbon emissions.

Find out more at :http://nb-wonderbag.com/content/homepage




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