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Discover the future of off-grid cooking with the GN Espace galley system

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July 4, 2024

At GN Espace, we pride ourselves on creating speciality galley systems dedicated to bringing 'Home from Home' cooking experiences to your adventures. Our high-quality cookers and modular galley systems offer uncompromised domestic-style cooking capabilities for both the boating and motorhome/RV markets.

Our high-performance cookers are built to house Gastronorm’s professional catering containers, sized up to perfectly fit around each other to save space and make handling easy and safe. These containers ensure efficiency, convenience, and professionalism in your galley setup. The Gastronorm container can be used during all parts of the cooking process, from storage and preparation to cooking and cleaning. At sea, where you often need one hand for yourself and one for the galley, using Gastronorm containers makes cooking easy and pleasurable.

Our cookers and integrated systems are ergonomically functional and energy-efficient – a vital factor when going off-grid.  Comfortable and safe they ensure a seamless cooking experience. And here’s how.

Safety first: food can be held in place securely in all corners of the galley no matter what you are storing.

Efficiency is key: our beautiful stainless steel Gastronorm containers are designed for cold, hot and ambient storage, meaning less equipment is needed. As well as fitting perfectly into the GN Espace range of ovens, they can even be used for cold storage in a fridge or freezer.

Multi-layer compatibility turns a sink into more than a sink. A tray of freshly chopped vegetables on one layer is ready to go into the hotpot, while there’s a chopping board on top, ready to cut up a few more. Equally cooked food in superheated trays can be put into the same space, ready to serve up.

In the OceanChef oven, for example, there are three racks forshelves, and the top shelf is perfect for grilling. All the time the Gastronorm containers are held safely in the racks.

Storage in any motorhome or yacht is always at a premium and the containers will fit just as snugly into the drawers of the custom-designed galley units.

Take a look for yourself at how it works!

Examples of the Gastronorm sink and containers systems include, for instance, the Gastronorm A&B sinks, a main sink and mini pour-away sink with a choice of compatible containers or the Gastronorm 980 whose 1.5 bowl full size sink features the unique three level bowl, separate small bowl and large draining area. Accessories include stainless steel and ceramic cookware, perforated stainless steel container and beech wood chopping boards.

Our commitment to excellence means that your cooking experience will be seamless and gratifying, regardless of where your adventures take you. Our integrated galley solutions are not just about functionality but also about enhancing your overall travel experience.

Don't just take our word for it – our full galley systems are chosen by some of the world’s top adventurers on the oceans and overland.  

The globe-lapping Farr Millennium 65ft Yacht Falken which is equipped for sailing in extreme conditions had a recent refit and now boasts a galley from GN Espace, complete with the Gastronorm sink system and the exceptional quality OceanChef XL cooker, designed to cater for a large number of crew and guests.  Falken’s Captain Andy Schell gives viewers a tour of the galley, and explains how space needed to be improved for better accessibility. Have a look!

As Andy explains the yacht, once a global stripped-down ocean racer, is now more comfortably fitted out for cruising.  The sleek looking galley area is easy to work in and is a central feature of the advanced below-decks design. Falken takes paying crew on voyages to remote parts of the world and the GN Espace galley is more than ready to cope with the challenging conditions and tough use.

Alubat Chantier has also installed the GN Espace galley system in their Ovni 430. See how the gastronorm sink and OceanChef 3 Induction cooker work seamlessly together in a virtual tour of their galley, highlighting just how comfortable living aboard is with the innovative design solution from GN Espace.

Join the evolution in off-grid cooking and upgrade your galley today

Ready to transform your culinary adventures? Explore our range of high-performance cookers and modular galley systems today. With GN Espace, you're not just buying a cooker, you're investing in a lifestyle of comfort, efficiency, and exceptional cooking quality on the go!  

Contact for more information or visit our marine accessories or RV accessories web pages.

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