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We are proud to offer first class, high-performance cookers and specialist galley systems for use in leisure and off-grid vehicles, motorhomes and campervans.

We’ve recognised the need for compact and space saving solutions, energy efficiency, off-grid capabilities, product reliability and robustness and have applied these features to specific designs.  We also know the importance of being able to live gas-free when you're on the road.

Our innovative products revolve around Gastronorm professional catering containers, which serve as the fundamental building blocks of our integrated systems.  

We have created an integrated, high-performance, cooking solution that is ergonomically more functional, energy efficient, comfortable and a safer place to prepare and cook food.

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Why choose GN Espace RV Galley Systems

Hassle Free

Hassle Free

We’re making the dream of gas-free cooking in your RV a reality.  Our specially designed range of cookers run completely from electric sources, and they’re up to a third more efficient as your existing gas cooker. What’s not to love?

This offers multiple benefits: it is safer all round, it’s better for the environment, avoids moisture caused by gas cooking, can be run directly from shore-power or, if you’re already living with renewable energy systems, allows easy integration.



Your safety is our priority. Our products often exceed stringent CE approval requirements.  

  • Induction hobs are packed with features for enhancing galley safety and comfort, and stay cool.
  • Safety stops on oven shelves prevent accidents from the cookware sliding out and runners have a positive pull-out end stop, as well as integrated fiddles.


In the realm of off-grid installations like campers and yachts, prudent electricity use is paramount.

That's why our cookers are meticulously engineered from top-tier components, to deliver unwavering cooking performance while consuming minimal electricity. Thanks to our refined R&D, our appliances achieve 25-30% lower electricity consumption compared to standard domestic counterparts.

This sets new standards in galley cooking, ensuring swift heating, economical operation with exceptional and reliable cooking results, to allow you to cook a varied and exciting menu with ease.  


Comfort & ease

Despite their compact size, our cookers are engineered to accommodate large family meals. The spacious ovens are designed to fit various Gastronorm and standard oven containers, and offer precise thermostatic control you can rely on. They have also been designed to be easy to clean and maintain inside and out, with wipe clean ceran hobs and marine grade stainless steel for longevity.

What our customers say

Not only does the oven now get hotter, the gas lasts twice as long, but it also lights instantly now too! We'd definitely buy your oven for our next boat.
Justin, UK, LPG cooker
Marine Customer
The Levante 2 is a star. Living aboard our Malö 50 built 1973 your cooker didn't just improve our living. This is a new level of independence altogether.
Frank & Judith, Germany, Levante 2 Induction cooker
Marine Customer
The galley game onboard has stepped up. Cannot find any negatives to lose gas - but lots of positives. The oven is awesome! Heats up fast, minimal heat leakage and works as any high quality kitchen appliance. If you have the battery capacity this one should be a no brainer.
Johan Wentzel, Baltic Sea, OceanChef Induction cooker
Marine Customer
What a brilliant bit of kit you have produced. The build quality and performance of my Ocean Chef 3 Induction stove makes cooking a joy.
John, US, OceanChef 3 Induction cooker
Marine Customer
The burners are excellent, I really like the grill and it's really easy to clean. This is a world away from the old one and a real oven is a great luxury.
Janet, UK, Levante LPG cooker
Marine Customer
The Levante cooker is now fully installed and working. It looks great and is a big improvement on our old model.
Barrie, UK
Marine Customer
I am delighted with the oven and what it can do. Great product and with the trend in overlanding to lose gas I wish you the utmost success for the coming years.
William, UK, Oceanchef Induction cooker
RV Customer

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