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GN Espace has joined forces with Promart, the UK’s leading provider of commercial land-based and offshore marine foodservice solutions, to create a specialist team purely focused on the bespoke needs of superyacht galleys.

Our collaboration allows us to strengthen our capability and expertise in the design, specification, fabrication and fit out of superyacht galleys. Whether you are designing a new yacht or refitting an existing one, we can help you to create a GN Espace yacht galley that will meet the most exacting needs of your client.

Food service solutions for Cruise ships & Offshore facilities

Our key objective is to create a galley space and on-board hospitality system that allows the chef to provide the highest quality food, hygienically, safely and efficiently. We work with you and your client to understand your exact catering needs. We then develop the food-flow process and define the equipment required to meet your culinary and budgetary objectives. Our in-house team works with professional chefs, restaurateurs and leading catering equipment manufacturers to design and supply an on-board superyacht galley and hospitality system that is second to none.

All of the yacht galley equipment is designed and supplied for marine use and there is a wide range of SOLAS commercial specification equipment to choose from. Promart furniture is durable, good looking and also meets the most stringent international food hygiene standards.

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Contact GN Espace today if you are interested in more information on how we can help you with your project for your superyacht or commercial yacht.

Please contact anna@gn-espace.com

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