Customer Reviews

Our new induction stove was installed today. At first glance and first use, it is unsurpassed. Everything works very correctly and is good quality. Previously, we had an induction from an Italian manufacturer (Twice there was a short circuit, and the oven did not heat up more than 170 degrees). We spend a lot of time on the boat (a Garcia 52), so safety is very important.

Viktoriya, Greece, OceanChef Induction cooker
Marine Customer

I wanted to drop you a note about the galley stove I have installed aboard my Kraken 50. I took delivery from Kraken in April of 2022 and now have about 12 cumulative months living and cooking aboard. What a brilliant bit of kit you have produced. The build quality and performance of my Ocean Chef 3 Induction stove makes cooking a joy.  So, this note is just a shout out to your team to say thanks for a great product and a job well done.

John, US, OceanChef 3 Induction cooker
Marine Customer

The galley game onboard Night Train has been stepped up with the new GN Espace Oceanchef induction cooker.

Cannot find any negatives to lose gas with regards to the hob - but a lot of positives (no flame being a huge one).

What comes to the oven, there was high expectations. Real fan assisted electric oven handling up to 250C. This one is really awesome! Heats up fast, minimal heat leakage (cool on the outside) - works as any high quality kitchen appliance. One of the first tests was a real gourmet one - frozen pizza. Getting the crust on one of these was a though one with a gas oven. This one was 12 minutes from freezer to table. And you can bake several at once 😃.

If you have the battery capacity this should be a no brainer.

Johan Wentzel, Baltic Sea, OceanChef Induction cooker
Marine Customer

The burners are excellent and I really like the grill. This is a world away from the old one and a real oven is a great luxury.

I like the gastronorm containers too. Really nice and easy to clean, as is the cooker itself. Good food is an essential part of a good holiday on the water and I'm really looking forward to some proper cooking this season. Several of our friends have been aboard to admire the thing and I shall be happy to recommend both the product and the integrity of the company to anyone who asks!

Janet, UK, Levante LPG cooker
Marine Customer

The Levante 2 is a star. Living aboard our Malö 50 built 1973 your cooker didn't just improve our living. This is a new level of independence altogether. 

The quality of your cooker, as well as the thought-through details are second to none. You and your team were exceptional hands on and forthcoming - we want to thank you for this. 

Working as an attorney, in quite a specific setting and with a background as a chef, cooking is both joy and a tool to reach my clients. Your company as well as your cooker will be highly recommended throughout my sailing-buddies.

Frank & Judith, Germany, Levante 2 Induction cooker
Marine Customer

My wife sends her love to you. Not only does the oven now get hotter, the gas lasts twice as long, but it also lights instantly now too! We'd definitely buy your oven for our next boat and would recommend it to others. Your service has been great.

Justin, UK, LPG cooker
Marine Customer

The Levante cooker is now fully installed and working. It looks great and is a big improvement on our old model. Pan supports are much cleaner, the fiddles are neater and the glass door is a great help as it saves opening the door to check progress or simply to check the burner has lit. All the burners light within seconds, including the grill which was always a problem on our old cooker.

I've just baked a batch of scones. Absolutely perfect!  

Barrie, UK, Levante LPG
Marine Customer

We spent our first Christmas on the road travelling through Morocco. I purposely ditched all the gas in our expedition truck opting for a 3 redundancy all electrical system via a lithium 24v Victron system. Our primary electrical recharge being solar, secondly a buck boost from the alternator and thirdly if the sun doesn’t shine and we’re stationary not on shore power a generator. 

I had limited space for an oven, being a 450 opening and was about to give up on the idea when I stumbled across your oven. Thank goodness I didn’t go with the convection microwave! Now 3 months full time I can feedback I am delighted with the oven and what it can do 👍  

Great product and with the trend in overlanding to lose gas I wish you the utmost success for the coming years. 

William, UK, OceanChef Induction cooker
RV Customer