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GN Espace adds Cookvision cookware to marine galley collection

Published on
December 4, 2023

Specialist galley equipment supplier GN Espace has added a unique collection of cookware to its range of catering accessories designed with boating in mind. The Essential Galley Set from Cookvision is a 12-part set which includes a selection of four pots and pans, a universal handle and a vacuum lid which keeps food fresh and is spill proof.


GN Espace has partnered with Cookvision, the respected German manufacturer of high quality space saving cookware, as its exclusive distributor to the marine market.  Cookvision’s ingenious design enables pots and pans to take up the minimum amount of space and is therefore ideal for yacht galleys where storage and surface space is so often at a premium.

The cookware is perfect for GN Espace’s advanced energy-saving induction cookers and hobs but works just as well with the company’s popular LPG gas cooker range. A great deal of thought and detail has gone into the design of Cookvision – the different pot sizes stack neatly into each other because the handle – only one is needed – is removable, simply clicking onto each pot as required. All Cookvision pots are stainless steel and extremely robust to withstand the rigours of the marine environment.

“The cutting-edge design of the Cookvision range is very stylish and totally complements the GN Espace offer of cookers, sinks and other galley accessories,” explains Ralph Olingschlaeger of GN Espace.  “The sleek looks of the products are very much in line with our own design ethos.  The design of the pots enables three or four to sit on the GN Espace induction hobs at any time, including on the Levante, OceanChef and HE ranges. Thus, by adopting Cookvision into our range we are enhancing the practicality of our cookers.  Plus, the Cookvision sets store compactly in those tight confines that are characteristic of most galleys.”

GN Espace can provide further Cookvision products in addition to this especially created galley set.

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