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First hand review: How our electric ovens work off-grid

Published on
May 9, 2024

Wonder how using our ovens off-grid will work in practice?

Here’s a first-hand review from one of our customers, 16 months into using our cooker...

William installed one of our marine induction cookers in his Overland explorer truck in 2022, back before we had a specific range. Our brand new Explorer and Gourmet range are now specifically designed electric cookers for campervans and caravans, with the same innovative and highly efficient technology as our marine range.


Simply put I’m still in love with our little oven and everything it can do. 


We are 16 months on the road having driven North Africa, through Europe, into southern Turkey for this winter and currently sat in southern Greece. We have driven through the Sahara Desert, over off-road mountain passes in the high Atlas Mountains, along the Algarve, through to some of the best vineyards in Europe, numerous river and wadi crossings, horrendous roads to perfect German motorways and our oven has not missed a beat.  

Usability is the same as your trusted house fitted oven. When it comes to power, we are very fortunate having a fairly decent size lithium battery bank being 400a/h at 24v with a 5000w Victron Quattro inverter. The oven does draw a fair current on temperature build up but once up to temp all is great.

Being off grid wild camping we have sufficient solar to replenish our usages but we also have a back up generator if the weather doesn’t play ball. If you’re hooked up to shore power and we are running a few items a lot of places don’t have sufficient feed power but our system assists so we haven’t had a single issue. Another couple of notable points maybe the size of inverter fitted as OE in smaller campers and if they run a separate AC distribution board. 

We have been surprised with comments from other traveller’s regarding Original Equipment fitted units - they don’t use their ovens after an initial trial due to fluctuations in temperatures and just not liking the functionality offered. 

An absolute classic example would be last week, we were entertaining two other couples making 6 of us. I slow cooked a simple spaghetti and meatballs with toasted garlic bread. When asked what toaster we had, we answered "everything is out of the oven", we had the truck full with everyone checking it out, impressed by what they saw.

I will be forwarding on your brochure to a friend who’s having a truck built now which says it all really.

If you've got any other specific questions about our product range, feel free to give us an email a member of the team would be happy to help! 

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