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Sustainable energy trends seen by GN Espace at boot Düsseldorf

Published on
February 3, 2023

Specialist galley manufacturers GN Espace had a very successful time at boot Düsseldorf, which finished on 29th January, with plenty of visitors on the stand.  Of particular interest was the company’s range of energy-saving electric induction cookers and hobs .

“The Düsseldorf show is such a great international event for presenting our products to a completely new set of customers,” says Ralph Olingschlaeger of GN Espace. “We are also demonstrating the products to an increasing number of owners of new yachts currently in-build which are fitted with GN Espace equipment.   And, of course, it is always great to catch up with existing customers who come and say hello to us!”

“It was interesting to note that the first question that customers ask is not ‘How much does it cost?’ but rather how much electricity does the cooker use?’”

Olingschleager continues “When you tell customers that the maximum connected load for the GN Espace Levante 2 induction cooker is 3.8kW they think it’s not much.  Then you tell them that to cook a large meal, typically running the oven for 2 hours and the hob for 30minutes, uses about 150 Ah of battery capacity they can see that electric cooking is very achievable.”

“Moving away from traditional LPG cooking to electric is becoming an increasingly attractive position to customers as they realise that switching has so many benefits. We are seeing the trend amongst sailing yacht builders towards a full electric boat, including electric cooking, is really gathering pace.

He concludes “What has up to now been an optional extra appears for a number of brands to now be the case with the majority of new boats.”

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