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Ambitious restoration of 65’ round the world racer includes GN Espace galley system

Published on
June 20, 2023

An all but forgotten sixty-five foot yacht that was originally built for the 1999 Millenium Round the World Race has been rescued by Andy Schell and turned into a gleaming new craft ready for ocean sailing once again.

A huge refit reveals state of the art deck equipment while no standards are spared below decks for comfortable yet practical life that the yacht, named ‘Falken’ will lead into the future.  

The June issue of Yachting World carries an 8-page feature article describing the saloon area ‘community space’ which is dedicated to meetings and briefings for up to 10 charter guests and, most importantly, meals.  The fore-and-aft galley, featuring GN Espace’s OceanChef XL electric induction cooker is described as the ‘pièce de resistence’.

Yachting World writes: ‘The galley is practically a small commercial kitchen and looks the part with stainless countertops, enormous double sinks, and an oven/range by GN-Espace large enough to accommodate full size Gastronorm 1/1 trays.  In fact these modular trays, which come in a variety of sizes, materials and depths, are designed-in throughout the galley as a clever storage solution for everything from cutlery to pantry items, olive oil, hot sauce and water bottles.”

You can read the article here. And of course you can always subscribe to Yachting World!

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