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Levante 2 gets top accolade in Yachting Monthly cooker test

Published on
January 3, 2024

Top sailing magazine Yachting Monthly has carried out a test on 10 two-burner marine cookers with oven and grill to find which ones offered the best combination of performance, ease of use and value for money. We are delighted that our GN Espace Levante 2 was considered by Yachting Monthly to be the best!

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This is what Yachting Monthly says about GN Espace…..

Levante Two-Burner Compact

“This company’s cookers were standard on Discovery and Gunfleet yachts as part of an integrated galley system, so the ovenware also fits the rails in the sink, fridge, and recesses on the saloon table.

The rack and grill trays slide on rails in the oven sides, so it’s easily cleaned, but this reduces tray size. The oven has temperature settings, and the hob has two super-efficient Sabaf burners.

Pan supports remove using a central bolt and the burners remove, too. There are fiddles all around with the front one frying pan-friendly. It has an oven door lock but no harbour lock, and electric ignition is powered by an AA battery.

The boil took 4 minutes and 35 seconds. The grill was excellent, easily making four slices, and the shortbread was near-perfect.

Boat cooker conclusions

We learned several things from this test. First, high-volume boatbuilders don’t buy off the shelf. They give cooker companies a low price and a spec and ask them to deliver. So the cookers you find on many new boats are unlikely to be as efficient or as well made as the models we tested.

Secondly, most of the cookers we tested are based on 30-year old technology because it’s not economical for companies to invest in R&D for a market with just 2,000 UK unit sales per year.

The exception is the Levante, which has been recently designed. It’s an excellent cooker with great galley-wide design ideas. However the price-tag shows why.

But if you’re a keen galley chef and you can afford it, get the Levante.”

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